Are you a landlord that’s still on the hook for Irish Water Charges?

MILLIONS of households are set to be hit with water bills averaging €70 in the first week of January, just as they struggle with the cost of Christmas but will you or your tenant be on the hook?

The bills will cover three months of the year, as part of the new charging regime. The bill in January covers October of this year to January. Letters are to be sent out to 2.24 million households from Irish Water in the next two weeks, outlining how the new water body plans to bill people for their water and sewage use.

Irish Water will be sending out what they call “application packs” during September, asking householders to confirm what type of water and waste water connections they have. This is because it does not have an accurate record of which homes are connected to the mains water supply or to the main sewers. The “application pack” will most likely go to the tenants address and if you don’t want to be getting indigestion in January, we strongly suggest that you get your hands on that pack and ensure that the appropriate person is registered to receive the bill.

Bills are then set to go out quarterly.

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